Life has been like a roller coaster for me the past six years since Lindell went home. My sons are scattered, living life with their families. So very proud of them and the way they’ve all let God use them. I have no regrets because when you follow God you know He is in control and has your best interest in mind.

I continue to work for a temp agency so keep busy. I do miss being so deeply involved in ministry with Lindell. It hard to not feel sidelined. I keep looking for the reason I’m still here, but again I’m trusting Gods hand to lead me.

I’ve sort of let things slide and not keep up with posting like I should have, so thanks for taking the time to read the ones I have written.

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Criteria to be a reviewer for Thomas Nelson.

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Cindy Woodsmall is the author that I felt for the first time presented the Amish with understanding and truthfulness. In The Christmas Remedy Holly Noelle Zook pushes the boundaries of the Old Order Amish and works at a pharmacy with … Continue reading

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  Kathleen Fuller writes a variety of Amish stories and encompasses diversity in the Amish culture. Some of the districts are strict Old Order and some are more lenient. In this compilation of stories, An Amish Family, Kathleen gives us … Continue reading

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Beth Wiseman’s four novella’s AMISH CELBRATIONS illustrates the culture differences even in the Amish communities and the struggles we all face. A Gift of Sisters is how fraternal twins who love each other still struggle with jealousy and sibling rivalry. … Continue reading

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More Than Meets the Eye by Karen Witemeyer was off to a slow start but quickly became an engrossing story. Logan Fowler seeks what he convinces himself is justice for his dad’s gambling loss of the homestead of his family. … Continue reading

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SHELFEver felt like you’ve been put on the shelf? I was married for 41 years, spent about 38 of that working alongside my husband in the ministry. I shared much of the calling, the responsibility and joy and stress. I organized, taught classes, spoke at conferences, planned and facilitated events and enjoyed it all. Now I’m a widow of 6 years and I’m lost, and unsure what’s next.

My four sons are all men I am so proud of and thank God every day for the men they’ve become and the families they have. However, they all are busy and I refuse to be one of those mothers that insert my way into their lives so that I become a nuisance.

I live in a studio apartment and cook most of my meals. I continue to work for a temp agency that, thankfully, keeps me busy and helps me financially since my Social Security is small due to the years in ministry.

I like not having to depend on my sons and want to live on my own as long as I can. I enjoy having my own space but I do get lonely. The thing is you can be lonely in a crowd. After being married to my best friend for most of my life I’m at loose ends. Pastoring you don’t tend to put down roots for very long so our relationships were scattered to the various churches. Consequently, I don’t have any close friends living close so I spend most of my free time reading, watching some TV. I got to church and occasionally go to a movie or out to eat by myself.

This is not meant to be a woe is me just reflections of where I am and what many widows feel. I have no regrets as to the life I shared with my husband and family. God has been gracious to me.

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