Sandy is a high school cheerleader, her boyfriend is the football team’s wide receiver. It is the 1970’s and she’s raised in a Christian home with parents that are supportive and engaged with their children. One night she makes the wrong choice and the unthinkable happens, she’s expecting a baby. The boyfriends parents try to talk her into an abortion.

She makes the decision to go live with her Aunt Linda in Atlanta and give the baby up for adoption. On the drive to her aunts she is told by a mysterious woman that she is going to have twins and she needs to separate them at birth, which she does.

Fastforward to 2008 and after another disappointment in the romance department Sandy never has married and is a teacher. Because of her experience she is sensitive to teens in trouble and is against abortion. She becomes involved with a young pregnant girl which leads to legal issues for her and the girl.

It is a very captivating story with a nice, although by the end, not a surprising finish. I enjoyed the narrative and although not a unexpected ending I thought it was a good book.

I received this ebook free from Thomas Nelson for a fair, honest review.



About laurabowman

I am above all a Christ Follower, a stumbler, Mother to 4 sons and now 4 daughters, Mema, Patriot, Book Reader, Dreamer
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