quiltReading historical novels, when you know the writer has done their research gives me a tantalizing taste of history. I love history and sure wish teachers knew how to teach it to make it interesting. THE QUITED HEART by Mona Hodgson is such a book, or a compilation of three novellas.

Each novella tells the story of a quilting circle that is more than just women quilting but a group of women who come together once a week to read the Bible, pray for each other and share each other’s heart.

In the first, Dandelions on the Wind, Marin is a young immigrant mail order bride who is losing her sight. She arrives in America at the beginning of the Civil War and her groom, unable to deal with her losing her sight, leaves her and goes to fight.

In the second, Bending Toward the Sun, Emily is the local shopkeepers daughter. Her mother left her and her father and ran off with another man. Her father depends on her to assist him and doesn’t want her to be courted.

In, Ripples Along the Shore, Caroline is a widow of the war living with her sister whose husband lost one of his legs fighting and is bitter. She is drawn to a man who fought on the opposing side and leading a wagon train west.

All three of these novellas are intertwined with intrigue, love and friendship. I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t going to be a fourth as there are a few unresolved issues. I did enjoy them and found it hard to put the book down.
I received The Quilted Heart free from WaterBrook Publishing for an honest review.


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