AMIWhen I received AMISH SWEETHEARTS by Leslie Gould from Bethany House Publishers, I realized it was book two. I always like the read in sequence so I purchased book one and read it first.

Leslie writes a good story, one that is hard to put down. However, I’m not sure she’s all that knowledgeable of the Amish ways. I realize that each district is different depending on the bishop and deacons, but this was so far from what the old order usually is that I found it almost unbelievable.

The series is a saga of Englisch and Amish neighbors who have developed a tenuous relationship over the years. Zane Beck, the Englisch boy, and Lila Lehman, the Amish girl, become best friends and ignore the feelings as they grow.

Lila’s dad pushes a courtship with the bishop son. Believing the relationship is impossible Zane joins the Army. Years do nothing to extinguish the feelings for either of them. Will they be able to cross the divide? Will Lila leave the Amish? Will Zane become Amish?

I did enjoy the book even if it seemed questionable as to the Amish ways. Leslie is a good story writer.

I received Amish Sweethearts free from Bethany House for an honest review.



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